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Tractor Trailer Wheel Stops | Jumbo Truck Parking Bumpers

For over 25 years, commercial property managers have trusted us to install their tractor trailer wheel stops:

  • jumbo wheel stops
  • large parking bumpers
  • giant curb stops
  • semi truck wheel stops
  • heavy duty bumper blocks
  • Truck stops
  • Distribution centers
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities

Large wheel stops  are made specifically for facilities that have parking areas for tractor trailers. Typical parking bumpers are not tall enough, nor heavy enough to withstand the weight and force of tractor trailers. They quickly become dislodged or destroyed. Most jumbo parking bumpers weigh in excess of 1,000 lbs and are typically 12″ tall. They are designed to take the daily wear and tear of truck traffic.

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Our crews install tractor trailer wheel stops and truck parking bumpers in several states. 

Let us install your large wheel stops!

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